Culture Management Software For Building High-Performance Companies

Measure, understand, and strengthen your company culture.
Collect ongoing employee feedback through research driven and customizable surveys, including our Core CultureIQ Survey.
Analyze employee responses and comments to track important culture metrics and surface actionable insights about your culture. 
Communicate results with your company and colleagues, and implement culture initiatives to strengthen your culture.
Ongoing employee feedback is key to strengthening company culture. Use CultureIQ to collect employee feedback, measure qualities common to high-performance companies, and track culture metrics throughout the year.
Core CultureIQ Survey
The Core CultureIQ Survey measures your organization against 10 qualities common to high-performance cultures.
Pulse Surveys
Pulse surveys are single-question surveys answerable directly in the email for quick, ongoing feedback.
Custom Surveys
Custom surveys give you absolute flexibility to collect anonymous feedback within your organization.
"Before launching CultureIQ we had a vague idea of where our culture stood, but CultureIQ allows us to really analyze employee feedback and understand where we can improve."
Christopher Johnson, CEO of Hollister Construction Services
In order to strengthen your company culture, you first have to understand it. Use CultureIQ to identify pain points and strengths by assessing employee feedback.
Real-time Results and Analytics
Results and analytics are available in real-time, so you can gain immediate insight into employees sentiment.
Demographics and Groups
Easily filter and compare different demographics and groups against each other, or your entire organization.
Benchmarked CultureIQ Score
See how your organization compares to other companies.
"A number of game-changing initiatives came out of our most recent survey."
Sara O'Shea, Employee Communications Manager for the Reagan Family of Companies
Company culture is dynamic. Adopt an ongoing approach to managing culture. Implement, communicate, and refine culture programs to drive success.
Communicate Results with Employees
The first step to strengthening your culture is communicating the results of employee feedback.
Explore Library of Culture Programs
Select culture initiatives based on employee feedback.
Collect Feedback
Collect feedback on internal culture programs to continuously refine and optimize your initiatives.
Become a High-Performance Culture
Recruitment & Retention
Differentiate your company to prospective employees and inspire your current workforce.
Invest in company culture to engage employees and demonstrate your commitment to their happiness.  
Prioritize company culture to drive success and financially outperform your peers.
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Strengthen your company culture