Culture Management Software
For Building High-Performance Companies

High-performance companies

Attract and retain
the best talent

Have an
engaged workforce

their peers

Use CultureIQ to strengthen your company culture
Collect employee feedback
Understand how your company is performing
Implement company culture initiatives to drive success
Flexible feedback tools
Measure categories common to high-performance companies with customizable, research-driven surveys
Deep insight into your workforce
Powerful metrics made simple with a user-friendly dashboard & meaningful analytics
Respond with culture programs
Explore recommended initiatives & track their effectiveness
Additional features
25-question culture surveys
Single-question pulse surveys
Custom feedback surveys
Real-time results and analytics
Benchmarked CultureIQ score
Employee anonymity
Exportable survey results
Automated survey reminders
Unlimited administrative users
Filters by demographic
Culture matters
Job seekers prioritize company culture. Differentiate yourself to attract top talent
Employees want strong company culture. Addressing key cultural elements leads to engaged employees and better performance
Engaged employees are less likely to leave an organization. Show employees you value their commitment
Companies trust CultureIQ
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